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Dr. Richard Simpson MSP backs Ken Macintosh for Labour Leadership

Dr. Richard Simpson MSP for has backed Ken Macintosh to renew and refresh Scottish Labour’s relationship with local people in Mid Scotland and Fife saying that Macintosh will bring genuine change and help Scotland’s Labour Party reconnect with voters.

Dr. Simpson said:

“May’s election was a game changer for Scottish Labour. Our party suffered a disastrous defeat on a scale unseen since we delivered devolution for the Scottish people in 1999. But on a dismal night for Scottish Labour there was a chink of light. Ken Macintosh not only held his Eastwood seat, he increased his majority.

“We need to win back support from all sections of society. We need to build a progressive alliance. We need a new voice, one that people will warm to. Ken is all of those things and, crucially, he knows what it takes to win elections. That’s why I’m backing Ken Macintosh.

“Ken is a family man who understands the challenges facing people in Scotland. Ken will bring genuine change to the party and connect with a cross section of people in the country. From young people, to the squeezed middle, to the elderly, Ken knows how to build relationships and win support.

“Ken has already begun talking positively about the difference we can make to people’s lives; He speaks about what we are for, not simply what we are against. Ken is a voice of hope and optimism, a voice for Scotland’s future.”

Ken Macintosh said:

“I’m thrilled to have won the backing of Dr. Richard Simpson, I want to renew and refresh our party’s relationship with people in Scotland and the support of my parliamentary colleagues is crucial to achieving this.

“My wife Claire and I are bringing up our family in modern Scotland. We know that constitutional issues are not high on people’s list of priorities. People are more worried about their bills, whether their pay will be frozen or even if they will keep their jobs.

“These are the very issues that matter to me but Scotland’s Labour Party must demonstrate that we are listening and that we remain the party that stands up for hard working people.”