Health & Social Care in the Digital Age

At the end of February I hosted a conference in the Scottish Parliament entitled ‘Health and Social Care in the Digital Age’, attended by a selection of invited experts in the fields of Health, Social Care, and Informatics. The day was spent considering the ways we can use the fantastic developments in technology and informatics in recent years to transform Health and Social Care. This could have a huge range of potential benefits, particularly for a more consistent and reliable system of patient care, but also surrounding the knowledge and research into many health conditions, such as pandemics.

Part of the driving force behind the conference was the excellent work done locally in Stirling relating to Children’s Health & Social Care, and in Clackmannan Mental Health and wellbeing services. It is a source of pride that it is our local area, and through constituents I represent, that we are leading the way on this vital, progressive and necessary work. The themes of the conference were to balance patient confidentiality and privacy with the need for data to ensure that we don’t have a mid Staffordshire Hospital type of scandal, but also that Scotland leads on research. This is not easy, what is important is that patients should be able to opt out and that data should, as far as possible, be anonymised.

Below you will find audio and presentations from the conference. Pressing the <back> button will return you to this page after listening to the audio files or you can download the files using the “save link as…” option after right-clicking on the link.

Introduction by Richard Simpson and Stewart Stevenson (mp3 17.5MB)

Sir Harry Burns (mp3 38.8MB)

Stewart Stevenson introducing Professor Ross Anderson (mp3 6.6MB)

Professor Ross Anderson’s talk (mp3 64MB)

Professor Ross Anderson’s presentation (pptx 645KB)

Stewart Stevenson’s talk after Ross Anderson (mp3 2.9MB)

Stewart Stevenson introducing Alan Hyslop (mp3 2.7MB)

Alan Hyslop’s talk (mp3 33MB)

Alan Hyslop’s presentation (ppt 11MB)

Stewart Stevenson introducing George Crooks (mp3 2MB)

George Crooks’s talk (mp3 30MB)

George Crooks’s presentation (ppt 4.7MB)

The afternoon session will be here soon.