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Contribution of Sport to Scotland

Motion S4M-00168.1 – Richard Simpson (Mid Scotland and Fife) (Scottish Labour) : Contribution of Sport to Scotland

As an amendment to motion S4M-00168 in the name of Shona Robison (Contribution of Sport to Scotland), leave out from “acknowledges” to end and insert “notes that the commitment to deliver two hours of PE has been extended to 2014 and that Active School Coordinators can play an important part in delivery of this pledge, and notes the intention to make progress in community access to sports facilities.”

Go Away People

Motion S4M-00127 – Richard Simpson (Mid Scotland and Fife) (Scottish Labour) : Go Away People

That the Parliament welcomes the publication of  Go Away People, the third such publication since 2003 by Post Adoption Central Support (PACS), an organisation of parents, social workers and other professionals involved in adoption and long-term foster care; considers that the booklet recognises the role, which it considers crucial, that attachment and attachment problems play in all children‘s development; considers that these problems can go unrecognised in all children but particularly in those children who have been adopted; recognises the contribution made by the PACS publication of a leaflet for schools, Stop Wasting My Time, which contains case studies of pupils with attachment issues in schools, with special reference to looked-after and adopted children, and hopes that all teachers will be trained in recognising the importance of attachment issues for all children.