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Better Together

Better Together is a new cross party campaign that promotes the view held by millions of Scots: that Scotland is a better and stronger country as part of the United Kingdom. We are made up of people from all parties and none.

Scotland faces an historic decision. Given that independence would be irreversible and there would be no going back, the decision facing us is as great as any in our lifetimes. As different parties we have come together on this issue because with millions of our fellow Scots we believe our best future is to be part of the United Kingdom.

Our case is not that Scotland could not survive as a separate country – it is that being part of the United Kingdom is the best possible choice for our future. We can have the best of both worlds – a distinctive Scottish Parliament without losing the strength and security of the United Kingdom. We believe that Scotland is stronger as part of the United Kingdom and that the United Kingdom is stronger with Scotland as a partner.

In a referendum everyone’s vote will count and everyone’s voice needs to be heard. We will speak up, very loudly and very clearly, for the millions who believe we are better together. Over the coming months this website will give a platform for the views of Scots from every community and every part of Scotland. You will find expert opinion and analysis – we won’t always agree with every statistic or argument that independent experts offer, but we will try to give you as much information as you need. And you will also find opportunities to get involved in helping to make the biggest decision in our history.