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Dr Richard Simpson MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife has joined forces with breast cancer charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer to help increase breast awareness in his constituency by taking part in the charity’s Touch Look Check campaign.

Touch Look Check (or TLC) is Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s breast awareness message and encourages women to Touch, Look and Check their breast’s regularly. A survey recently undertaken by the charity showed that only half of women in Scotland regularly checked their breasts. 

Dr Richard Simpson MSP said:

“Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women in Scotland with over 4000 women diagnosed every year. Each year around 1000 women die from breast cancer in Scotland.

“An early diagnosis of breast cancer can help save lives. This is why I am pleased to help spread Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s Touch, Look, Check message to my constituents via my office, website, local press, and social media.

Audrey Birt, Director of Breakthrough Breast Cancer in Scotland, said: 

“While more women are surviving breast cancer it is vital that women stay breast aware. Our message is as simple as TLC – Touch, Look, Check. Do this by regularly touching, looking for changes and checking anything unusual with your doctor and attending breast screening if you are over 50, as these are the best ways to identify breast cancer early. If you find any unusual changes or are worried by anything, you should talk to your GP straight away.”


“I am delighted that Dr Richard Simpson is helping to spread this important message.”

Supporting Healthy Choices

Supporting Healthy Choices
That the Parliament considers that there is a need to support consumers in making healthy choices regarding what they eat; notes that there is independent research suggesting that using a hybrid system of labelling including traffic light colours would be the most effective system for UK consumers; regrets what it considers to have been a missed opportunity for the European Parliament to introduce a mandatory front of package traffic light food-labelling system during the negotiations concerning the food information to consumers regulations; understands that this was despite the efforts of health charities such as the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK; welcomes however that the regulations allow member states to recommend the use of one or more additional forms of expression, and calls on the UK Government to follow the recommendation made by the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee in its report, Behaviour Change, and introduce a traffic light system of front of pack labelling on all food packaging.

Congratulations to Gamu Nhengu and her Family

Congratulations to Gamu Nhengu and her Family
That the Parliament congratulates Gamu Nhengu and her family on their success in their appeal to remain in the UK; understands that they have had to struggle for a long time to achieve this settlement; believes that the length of time that it has taken to settle this and similar cases has a hugely detrimental effect on families and children; notes that the family has lived in Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire for several years now after coming to Scotland from Zimbabwe; recognises the contribution that Gamu makes to the local community, and wishes her the best of luck with her singing career.