Dr Richard Simpson MSP welcomes changes to IVF services in Scotland

The Health and Sport Committee in the Scottish Parliament returned to the topic of assisted conception.

The Infertility Network Scotland was invited to become part of the National Infertility Working Group to review the existing provision of the service within NHS Scotland which was inconsistent across Scotland.

The principal aim of the group was to help resolve the inequity of access to IVF services across Scotland.

Dr Richard Simpson MSP welcomed the fact that the post code lottery and long waiting times for assisted conception have been resolved with all boards now providing two cycles of treatment and waiting is less than 12 months. He went on to pay tribute to the late Helen Eadie MSP who campaigned on these issues.

Mid Scotland and Fife, Labour MSP, Dr Richard Simpson said:

“There still remain a number of issues to be resolved. These include a move to three cycles for eligible couples; ensuring that all couples have access to counselling where it is needed, and ending the unfair practice of denying access to NHS treatment, for couples where one of the partners has a child by a previous relationship that lives with them.”

Dr Simpson felt that this last issue was a matter of equity and a human right.

Commenting on that issue, Dr Richard Simpson MSP said:

“The fact that taking custody of a child precluded the couple from treatment whilst not taking custody allowed for a couple to be eligible is just wrong.”

He called for an early announcement on this last issue from the National Infertility Group.