Congratulations to The Bridge Café in Sauchie

Motion Number: S4M-11715

Lodged By: Richard Simpson

Date Lodged: 26/11/2014

Motion Text:

That the Parliament congratulates The Bridge Café in Sauchie on winning the best fish and chips category in Scotland at the Italian Awards 2014; congratulates the take-away restaurant owners and their staff on receiving the recognition that it believes the café deserves for providing its loyal and new customers with delicious food and exemplary service; encourages all members of the public to sample the award-winning cuisine, and hopes that The Bridge Café will continue to achieve success at local and national level.

Epilepsy Scotland’s Achievements over 60 Years

Motion Number: S4M-11590

That the Parliament congratulates Epilepsy Scotland on its achievements over the last 60 years; acknowledges what it sees as its efforts and considerable success in advocating change and increasing awareness of the condition; commends it on its work in tackling inequalities and in advocating that public policy should recognise what it considers the diverse needs of the 54,000 people in Scotland with epilepsy; understands that, to improve general awareness, the charity has devised innovative projects, including a DVD that is aimed at police officers and Crown Office staff; believes that this new training tool about seizure-related behaviour will help the agencies of the criminal justice system in their work; believes that consideration of judicial policy around epilepsy merits attention, and considers that members can learn more at the diamond jubilee reception where they will be able to join Epilepsy Scotland, Police Scotland and the Crown Office to celebrate working together for justice.

Workers in Stirling need a pay rise.

Immediate release – 7th November 2014

That’s the message from Dr Richard Simpson MSP and Stirling Labour Candidate for the General Election 2015, Johanna Boyd as new research shows an estimated 7 thousand workers in Stirling are paid less than the Living Wage.

Scottish Labour earlier this week have used a parliamentary debate on the Living Wage to outline how to make work pay in Scotland.

Research produced for KPMG this week showed that over 400,000 people in Scotland are earning less than the living wage and 264,000 of those are women.

Dr Richard Simpson MSP and Labour Candidate Johanna Boyd believe that for the Living Wage to make a difference to people in Stirling it must be promoted in low paid professions such as cleaning, hospitality and retail.

Labour-led Stirling Council introduced the Living Wage to support its lowest paid workers 3 years ago and has backdated it every year since then. This year it will benefit 390 employees and 86% of them are women.

Dr Richard Simpson MSP is a passionate campaigner for the Living Wage, and supported extending it to staff on public contracts earlier this year, only to see the SNP vote with the Tories to block the move.

Dr Richard Simpson MSP said:

“It is an absolute disgrace that over a quarter of a million women are paid less than the living wage in Scotland today.”

“I am pleased that the Stirling Council pay all their employees the Living Wage which disproportionately benefits women employees which make up 86% of the staff at the Council.”

“It is disappointing that groups like the cleaners at the SNP Government’s offices at Atlantic Quay in Edinburgh are not paid the Living Wage when the UK Department of Energy has made sure that all staff and subcontractors are paid the Living Wage.

Labour Candidate for the General Election 2015 and Stirling Council Leader, Johanna Boyd said:

“One of the first actions Stirling Labour took for our lowest paid workers was to introduce the Living Wage and backdate it. We have increased the Living Wage and backdated it for 3 consecutive years. This has not been done by any other Scottish Council. I am proud of what Stirling Labour has done for our lowest paid staff, making a real and positive difference for those who need it most.”