Dr Richard Simpson MSP Slams “Low Pay Loophole”

Dr Richard Simpson MSPhas demanded the Scottish Government conduct an urgent review of sub-contracted jobs in the public sector, stating rules on public contracts result in a “Low Pay Loophole”.

Currently, people directly employed by Scottish Government departments are paid the living wage, however jobs indirectly employed by the Scottish Government on sub-contracts, such as cleaning, catering and retail, are offered no such protection due to the SNP refusing to back Labour calls for a living wage in public contracts.

Dr Simpson MSP, a long time campaigner for the living wage, is concerned that such a loophole will see workers in Mid Scotland and Fifemiss out on better pay.

Dr Richard Simpson MSP said “The Living Wage would boost the earnings of a minimum wage worker by over £2,000 a year. It will make positive, practical difference to hard working people in Mid Scotland and Fife.

“But it is also about building a moral economy. Supporting the living wage in the public sector, whilst jobs in its departments are being sub-contracted out simply isn’t good enough.  Especially as these jobs are the very ones that would most benefit from the living wage.

“I know from my regular advice surgeries, correspondence, and conversations on the doorstep and across Mid Scotland and Fife that people want better, fairer wages.

“I have written to the Scottish Government demanding an urgent review of sub-contracted jobs in the public sector. We have to know how widespread and open to abuse this problem is, we need to stand up for people in Mid Scotland and Fife and also across Scotland who deserve a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work, and we need to close this low pay loophole.”




  1. Minimum Wage             £6.31    37.5      52         £12,304.50

Living Wage                   £7.45    37.5      52         £14,527.50