Dr Richard Simpson MSP in Living Wage Call

Dr Simpson MSP has called upon the Scottish Government to use their spending power to deliver the living wage for workers in Mid Scotland and Fife and across Scotland.

The Scottish Parliament is currently debating the Procurement Reform Bill, which will change the way public contracts are handed out to private companies; covering goods and services from the provision of stationary to the delivery of major capital projects.

Public sector procurement is worth at least £9 billion a year in Scotland and Dr Simpson MSP wants those employed in these contracts to be paid the living wage, set at £7.45 an hour.

Dr Richard Simpson MSP is a long time campaigner for the living wage, which is considered a priority for the bill by a number of organisations, including Enough Food for Everyone IF, the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, the Scottish Fair Trade Forum, the Scottish Trade Unions Congress and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland.

Dr Richard Simpson MSP said: The difference between someone in full time work on the living wage and the minimum wage in Mid Scotland and Fife could be as much as £2,223.00 a year, a drop in the ocean against the billions spent on these contracts, but a huge difference for people here and up and down the country facing a cost of living crisis.

Scottish Labour will be bringing forward an amendment to encourage the promotion of the living wage in the bill. We know that other parties, specifically the SNP and the Greens, have supported the living wage in the past and they should do so again.

The Scottish Government should put their money where their mouth is and take this chance to improve the conditions of working people here in Mid Scotland & Fife and across Scotland.

This is a chance to build a better, fairer Scotland, protect our communities, and strengthen our economy. It should not be missed.



Notes to Editors

  1. Difference between f/t earnings on minimum wage and living wage
  Pay Per hour Hours per week Weeks per year Annual gross pay
Minimum Wage





Living Wage






  1. Civic Scotland priorities for the Procurement bill here –