Labour MSP Questions SNP on Local Rail

Labour MSP Questions SNP on Local Rail

Dr Richard Simpson, Labour MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife, has questioned Keith Brown, the SNP Minister for Transport, on local train services.

In light of concerns of local residents in the constituency, Dr Simpson raised the issue of service provision surrounding the proposed closure of the Winchburgh rail tunnel. HE’s concerned about the effects this will have on passengers travelling to and from;

(a) Stations north of Linlithgow,

(b) Dunblane and

(c) Alloa.

Keith Brown’s response confirmed that some services will see reductions, and longer journey times. Passengers travelling from Glasgow-Edinburgh will be required to travel via the Airdie-Bathgate, whilst others need to make use of existing services travelling via Dalmeny.

This means Stirling and Clackmannanshire passengers will be forced to travel into Dalmeny, and then returning the same way they came, to reach Edinburgh.

Dr Simpson said;

“It seems clear that Keith Brown and the SNP Government have made limited considerations of the needs of passengers. Mr Brown’s response does little to settle the concerns of my constituents, who rely on these routes daily for work commutes, access to services and visiting family and friends.

“The issue of capacity must also be considered. It is very well Mr Brown suggesting that alternative routes are available, but if these services are unable to meet the demand many passengers will be left with longer and increasingly uncomfortable journeys for the foreseeable future. ”


Dr Simpson’s written questions, along with Mr Brown’s replies can be found at;