SNP Dunblane attack BBC for seeking comments on Referendum Question

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SNP Dunblane attack BBC for seeking comments on Referendum Question

Local SNP members in Dunblane have taken to twitter to publically attacking the BBC for seeking comments from readers on the set question for the referendum seeking to separate Scotland from the rest of the UK.

@SNPDunblane tweeted:

“BBC on ‘the question’ … Open for comments, but not just in Scotland – wouldn’t want the views of only Scots, would we?”

This was then followed by a number of similarly toned messages to those who replied disagreeing with them, and another dubbing the campaign to keep Scotland part of the Union ‘Bitter Together’, instead of its official title, ‘Better Together’.

Scottish Labour’s Dr Richard Simpson, MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife said:

“It is absurd for a local branch of the SNP to be attacking the BBC for seeking comments, and then attacking people who wish to comment. This is a huge moment, not just in Scotland’s future, but for all those who are members of our Union. It is thought that approximately 800,000 Scots are living other parts of the UK. It has already been established that they will not get to vote in the referendum, but to suggest they shouldn’t have an opinion at all is astounding. Attempts to stifle much needed discussion are hugely disappointing to see from the SNP, and Keith Brown should be considering how to better keep control of his local party and SNP members.”

SNP Dunblane went on to delete the tweets, some hours later, highlighting the inappropriate nature of their comments.