Simpson Launches Cross Party Group on Rugby in Scottish Parliament

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Simpson Launches Cross Party Group on Rugby in Scottish Parliament

A cross party group focusing on Rugby met for the first time this week. The group was set up by Scottish Labour’s Dr Richard Simpson, MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, but has received cross-party support, with many interested in taking part.

The group will work closely with the Scottish Rugby Union, and aim to;
‘Promote Rugby in all its forms at all levels in Scotland (National professional club, club, school (both current rugby playing and those with no history of rugby), community and street rugby for men, women, boys and girls; union and league, sevens and touch).To develop links with other parliamentary groups in other jurisdictions. To seek to establish a parliamentary team to play other parliamentary groups.’

After the first meeting, Dr Simpson had to say;

“This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, not just because of a personal interest in Rugby, but because in Scotland we have a long relationship with Rugby, and I think an interest in sport has a key role to play in tackling some of the health concerns we see in Scotland.”
“With London hosting last summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games, Glasgow soon to be the home of the Commonwealth Games, and the 2015 Rugby World Cup being held just south of the border I hope Scottish people’s passion for sport will continue to grow, and that, in turn, we will see knock on effects in our attitudes to exercise and physical fitness.”




Scottish Labour has today pledged its support for the NUS colleges campaign “Fund Scotland’s Future”. Scottish Labour’s Dr Richard Simpson MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife said:

“Scottish Labour believes that the Scottish Government is damaging college education with its unfair cuts to college budgets. Scotland’s Colleges play a critical role in making sure that young people and those who have to retrain are given the necessary skills to help put this country back on its feet.

“We all know that Scotland’s colleges do an excellent job in training and equipping young people for the work place, and we need to invest in them now more than ever.

“The SNP Government needs to admit it got it wrong and reverse the cuts to college budgets before it inflicts further harm on Scotland’s colleges. The Scottish Government has the chance to do the right thing and use the forthcoming budget to reverse this disastrous decision.

“Otherwise, if these cuts are allowed to stand, thousands of young Scots will have their life chances damaged because of political arrogance and ineptitude; that is why Scottish Labour is backing the NUS campaign to reverse the cuts to colleges in next year’s budget.”


Raploch Primary School visit the Scottish Parliament

Raploch Primary School visit the Scottish Parliament

Last week pupils from the Raploch Primary School made a trip to Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, to meet their local politicians and explore the Scottish Parliament. They were greeted by the Mid Scotland and Fife MSP’s Dr Richard Simpson of the Scottish Labour Party and Murdo Fraser of the Scottish Conservatives. Also there to welcome was Bruce Crawford, the SNP MSP for Stirling.

The pupils were able to question their MSP’s as part of the Scottish Parliament’s Education Programme, through which schools can visit Holyrood, receiving tours or watching debates in the chambers, but can also receive workshop visits to their school to teach them about the Scottish Parliament.

Dr Richard Simpson said about the visit:

“It is always enjoyable to have local schools visit the Parliament. The pupils from Raploch Primary School were well mannered, well behaved, and had a number of interesting questions to ask about what an MSP’s job involves.

“The opportunity for school visits to Parliament allows children a first-hand experience of Scottish politics, and the people and processes is involves. Next time they see it on the television or hear of decisions made by the government they’ll have a greater understanding of what is involved and what it means for the future.”

Bruce Crawford

“It is a pleasure to welcome local Stirling schools to the Scottish Parliament, and see them getting a taste of politics and the political process. The questions we politicians get from school pupils are often the most incisive and imaginative, and the pupils of Raploch Primary School were certainly no exception.

“All of us involved in politics are through a wish to improve our country for future generations, and visits from schools such as Raploch Primary School ensure that this is always bourn in mind.”

Other schools wishing to visit the Scottish Parliament, or access the education services in their own school, should visit the Scottish Parliament website for more information at