Dr Richard Simpson MSP shocked at low take up of new careers service in Stirling

Dr Richard Simpson MSP has revealed that only 14% of school pupils in Stirling have signed up to the Scottish Government’s new web-based careers service, ‘My World of Work’.

Skills Development Scotland, the government agency which runs the careers service has, in a cost cutting exercise, moved from a face to face advice services to web-based provision. This move has been accompanied by the closure of careers offices, the loss of 20 % of front line staff and an increase in highly paid senior managers.

Responding to the figures, Scottish Labour’s Dr Richard Simpson MSP, said:

“At a time of rising and sustained youth unemployment the fact that only 14% of secondary pupils in Stirling are currently registered on “my world of work” is truly shocking.

“We need careers officers working with our young people in schools, careers offices and in the community – not simply referring them to a website.

“I believe that parents will be rightly angry to find out that their son or daughter is not getting the support they need to make the right choices for their future.”